Monday, October 21, 2013

Why You Need To Have A Bug Out Vehicle If Your Gonna Make It To Your Bug Out Shelter.

You need a good vehicle to make it to your bug out shelter.  I hope that you would have a vehicle when TSHTF.  I would not want to be walking in a time like this.  The vehicle would be able to carry a lot of supplies that you have packed away for some rough times that you may be coming upon.  If you really have the money you could always pull a bug out trailer too.

I would like to have a vehicle that has a high clearance so I could roll over stumps and sidewalks if I needed to with out tearing up my bug out truck.  I know the vehicle is going to be a gas guzzler but that is a risk that I will take.  If all else fails I could just park it and hide it until I was able to get more fuel. It could also be a great shelter if you had a Coleman White Water Large Cool-Weather Scoop Sleeping Bag to lay in  I would have to have a secret bug out location that I could feel comfortable and park my bug out truck.  If I had time each bug out shelter would have enough supplies to get me to my next destination.

Mountain House--The #1 Backpacking Food!You can find bug out vehicles on eBay, craigslist and you local Sunday Newspaper.  They are there just pay attention.  You could just modify your old truck or vehicle and make sure you have some items that can get you through a couple of days in case of an emergency. Get a setup that can last 3 days with a 72-hour Survival Kit