Monday, May 26, 2014

Is the Coleman Packaway Deluxe Camp Kitchen on your camping supply list? If not it should be.

This looks like a camping kitchen that I would use.  Coleman is a good brand name that has been around for a long time.   I love this kitchen because you can fold it up and set it up easily.  It has a nice area to prep your food .  If you need to make some hamburger patties then you have plenty of room to do it.
Along the side is an extender that you can hang or hold other camping stoves

I have seen people using these just like a real kitchen in the middle of their campsite.  I love the fact that you can store pots, canned food, places for mugs and spices too.  I know I would use the paper towel holder.  If you are working at night you even have a lantern hook so you can attach your lantern for light.  I really like the removable tub for washing dishes.  I love to cook collard greens and I think I would be able to cook a pot of greens with this kitchen.

I am not sure if this could hold all the food I have on my camping food checklist.  I would not like to move this kitchen camp for a long distance.  I would love to use this kitchen at my local campground to see how it would do.  I love Coleman products and they always have great quality.

If I would make a purchase today this would be in my top 3 based on Amazon reviews.  The Coleman Packaway Deluxe Camp Kitchen would be a contender.

  • Easy setup
  • Nice Storage
  • Tub basin for washing dishes
  • Paper towel holder does not stay on (easy fix)
  • Shelf under table is not very sturdy
This would be a great addition to our camping gear.  Need Camping Tips then Click Here!