Sunday, November 10, 2013

Winter is coming. Are you ready to survive in the Cold.

Are you ready to Survive in the Cold?  Learning how to make it in the wilderness is one thing.  You always see movies when people are building small little log cabins and planting crops in the spring and living off the land.  They never show you the dark side of things.  When winter sets in.  If you don't have certain things done by first snowfall then you risk the chance of dying in the winter if you were in desperate situations.

You should have some things done before the first snowfall comes.  You should have some cans of food packed away.  Your rice and beans should be stored away.  Water should be stored away.  Smoke meat should be stored away nicely.

If you are smart you should have a few tools with you.  Do you have the correct layers of clothing. You could start off with this Under Armour Gunpowder Scent Control Jacket .  Do you have the correct glove and hats that you need to survive the winter.  You can do it if yo plan well.  I would not like to stave to death in the Winter time.  I would do all I could to make it to the spring.  I hope if I had to I would be ready to survive in the cold.

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