Thursday, September 5, 2013

Living Off The Land So You Can Start A Farm

Living Off The Land So You Can Start A Farm.  If I could this is how I would do it.  There is no wrong or right way but If I had to do it then this is what I would do. You can start a farm on 1/4 on an acre.  Could you make it if you had to start all over?  I am not sure but I would damn sure try.  I would first start and on a hunt and look for some fresh water.  I  would look for a nice property on the fresh water source.  I am not sure on how I would get water to the property but I know I need to have that to survive.

I would love a root cellar to store all of the goodies that I would have canned from that years harvest.  I am talking about going wilderness family.  I have nothing but wood so  I would start cutting down some trees to make my shelter and then store some wood away for the winter.  A wood stove would be a must so I could heat my small bug out shelter or my home.

I would hope I would have sufficient tools with me.  I would love to have some horses so I could plow the field to plant some great vegetables and beans to grow so I can last during the winter.  I would have some chickens, rabbits, cows and pigs.  All those animals would need feed.  That is when it gets tricky and surviving in the wild becomes a crazy thing to think about. Lol.

I can't forget about my pond that I would have or have built my cabin near.  I would hope to have catfish and all kinds of fish to fill my belly if I needed to.  That reminds me I would like to have a worm farm so I can have fresh night crawlers at my fingertips.  Ohh So many things you need for self reliant living.  I am going to have to break this process down in steps.  I would plan to start a farm as soon at my shelter was built. I need to practice on my urban survival skills on farming.  Next time  I will go into detail on the way I would start a farm.

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