Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Best Survival Knife For Your Bug Out Bag

Best Survival Knife For Your Bug Out Bag.  Do you have a knife that you just love.  What knife would you put in your get home bag.  When It comes to knives you have so many choices.  This is a knife that I would like to have. Gerber 22-01400 LMF II Survival Knife 

Here are some of the reasons I would love to add this knife to my bug out bag checklist.

  • The knife has a stainless steel buttcap on the end of the knife that can pierce glass.
  • It has a built in sharpener and include a sheath.
  • Serrated blade
  • Molle straps on the case.
  • Made in the USA.
This is a really nice knife.  Gerber make really great survival products.  I have a multi-tool from them that was made over 25 years ago and it still works like new.  I would love to try out my urban survival skills with this knife by my side.

  • Removing Knife from sheath is tight (practice makes perfect)

All is all this knife would be a good choice for a person wanting a nice Knife.  I want to be able to purchase the best survival knife that money can buy.  The Gerber knife is an excellent choice to polish up your urban survival skills.  Make sure you have a survival knife to add to your bug out bag list.

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